The Truth about Singapore Audience?

I began to see Singapore audience/fans in a different light. I realised that they could be really high and energetic if they want to. But there is something more special about them, something that an artiste could find nowhere else but only in Singapore. Their voices. In simple words, I THINK SINGAPORE AUDIENCE HAVE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL VOICES IN THIS WORLD!

And I wanted to affirm this. I needed evidence. I wanted to find out from the artistes themselves. Either from their faces or straight from their mouths.

So I went on to find and watch other videos/fancams of other artistes performing in Singapore. First, I would listen for audience singing and then try to read the artistes’ faces and body actions to analyse how much they were enjoying the fans’ response.

Some of the memorable videos that I watched:

Avril Lavigne

This is definitely my top favourite fancam of Avril Lavigne’s performance in Singapore. If I’m not wrong, this was her very first concert in Singapore, her first official meeting with the Singapore fans. Listen to them sing along her in the background! It was pretty loud and beautiful! It was filled with emotions. And then, look at those genuine smiles on Avril’s face! She was obviously enjoying the atmosphere as she sang. I think the most beautiful part of this video was during the second song, “Innocence”. Part of the lyrics went like this:

It’s the state of bliss you think you’re dreaming
It’s the happiness inside that you’re feeling
It’s so beautiful, it makes you wanna cry

Don’t you think the lyrics were revealing something about what was actually going on? Why were the voices so beautiful? It was happiness within the passionate fans that was reflected through their sincere singing which was in turn inflicted on the artiste onstage. And it was indeed so beautiful that even I as a third-party listener was brought close to tears whenever I watched and observed all the beautiful things that were going on beyond the surface. “Innocence” became my favourite song ever since because whenever I listened to this song, I would think of this video and the mystery behind Singapore audience’s voices. The lyrics have a special meaning to me now.

But there’s something about the behaviour of the Singapore audience. In their first meeting with their idols, their response is the most energetic and spontaneous due to natural excitement. Their singing would also be louder and heard more easily. But in the subsequent meetings, their response tends to die down a little. Because Singapore audience has some sort of “attitude”. They tend to “sit back and relax” a little and just enjoy the stage performance. BUT when the artiste invites them to sing along, they would gladly do it for you and when they do it, they sing it beautifully for you. Just like in the following video which was taken during Avril’s second concert in Singapore.

I could see some angst going on at the front part of the video. I know Avril as a singer who is real and someone who doesn’t hide her true emotions. If she’s not happy, it shows on her face or through her body actions easily. There was still some degree of audience singing in the background but it was soft. But the mood lightened up at 2:30 when she invited the audience to sing. It’s like there was a sense of relief when I don’t have to strain my ears hard to hear their voices anymore. I’m sure that was the same case for her too. It was loud this time because almost everybody joined in to sing spontaneously. And they sounded beautiful! Listen to the harmony of their voices! And look at how happy Avril was!

A-Mei 张惠妹

The AMeiZING World Tour was definitely one of the famous Taiwanese singer, A-Mei’s best concerts in Singapore! She has so many karaoke-worthy songs under her belt which many people wouldn’t have not heard of and love to sing along with. That night, the entire Singapore Indoor Stadium literally turned into a giant karaoke box where thousands of Singapore audience who were there were all singing along with her! It totally helped a lot when there were lyrics shown on the giant screens too so that people could easily follow and sing along together. The following videos are some of my favourite fancams taken at the concert. It was touching to be watching and listening to magical moments like this when all the people were suddenly united together and singing together in harmony. The audience were so good that at some points during the performances, A-Mei just stopped and let the audience to do the singing for her. Listen to the audience’s beautiful voices and observe A-Mei’s reactions onstage!

Near the end, A-Mei stopped and said in amazement,”你们的声音真的太棒了。(Your voices are really incredible.)” before she continued to finish the song perfectly.

I think the non-stop cheering from the audience at the start set the entire atmosphere really nicely before A-Mei and the audience started singing together. It was such a warm feeling!


The first meeting with the fans is always good! Level of excitement is super high, screams are loud and high-pitched. It really brings out the energy in both the audience and the artistes onstage. Check out the 2NE1’s very first performance in Singapore!

Every scream was so on-point!

I think one of the uniqueness about Singapore audience’s voices is when they sing to the sounds of ‘ah’, ‘oh’ or ‘eh’ etc. They sound especially beautiful. It shows especially in this song, ‘I Don’t Care’ where there are lots of ‘ohohoooooh’ and ‘eheheheh’. Those sounds don’t have to actually mean anything in order to sound soulful. And not forgetting the spontaneous participation from the audience where they clapped along with the music in the middle of the song!

Lady Gaga

I wonder how does it feel like to be sitting onstage and hearing every single voice sing for you, that comes from all directions in the stadium directed towards you just for you to hear? What exactly did Lady Gaga hear that made her so touched? I’m sure it’s not just any one particular person’s voice that stands out from anybody, but it’s everybody’s voices combined together in harmony.


I was definitely inspired by what Lady Gaga said onstage. Sing, Sing, Sing, Singapore! It is interesting how there’s the word ‘Sing’ in our country name too. Does this mean something? Was Singapore already destined to be a magical place for audience singing?

Going in this direction of thinking, I started to imagine and contemplate about fate and all the magical works that may be behind the scenes that would make Singapore a special ideal place for all these magical audience singing to happen…

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